Autumn – new hopes for children from Tudora and Bacioi

Each year, the first of  September is a day full of positive emotions, both for parents and for children from Keystone’s Community Centers „Unitate” and „VIS”.

Very early in the morning, girls with big white bows in their hair and big bouquets of flowers for the teachers, and boys dressed up with ties and with huge bags and bright smiles opened the Center’s door to greet and express their respect towards the Center’s specialists.

Although the Center had not stopped its activity during the summer, this day has reunited friends, parents, teachers coming back from vacation, challenging everyone to new heights and achievements.

“Ten new eight- and nine-year-old children (four girls, six boys) are very proud to be on the list of the “Unity” Community Center. It is a great joy when you see that the work you do helps others, especially those children whose right to a happy childhood, education and identity are not respected. These children crave to be valued by their peers, adults, and teachers in the community. The Community Center helps them make this dream come true,” states Liliana Malancea, the Director of the Community Center „Unitate” from the village of Tudora.

The Center’s professionals are willing to further offer their love, kindness, and advice to children, so they feel the positive enviroment of a united family. Children’s needs and the signs of questions that could been seen in their eyes have inspired the Center’s staff  to join forces and share knowledge in order to further provide the best quality services and to support the children through their daily school journey.

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