Computer Training at Unity Community Center, Tudora, Moldova

On Monday, August 30th, 2010 Jennifer Flannery, a Peace Corps Volunteer taught two computer seminars to the staff at the Unity Community Center in Tudora, Moldova. The staff present consisted of Liliana Malancea, the Executive Director of Unity, Ludmila Griu and Viorica Busuioc, Unity Teachers and Tanya Barbaneagra, Unity’s Cook. Roma Malancea was also present for the seminars; he often volunteers and helps out with Unity events.   The staff was very eager for these seminars and time finally permitted the chance to facilitate them.

The 1st seminar was on computer basics, how to turn on a computer, making a new file, renaming a file, deleting a file and changing the language from English, Romanian and Russian.  All very simple tasks for one who uses a computer on a daily basis, but for one that has had no formal training or experience this seminar was very useful.

The second seminar was on Word Basics, how to highlight words, change size, font, etc. The seminar also proved to be beneficial. But the highlight of the afternoon was when the seminars finished and the staff wanted to continue to practice, Jennifer could not tear them away from the keyboards. They requested to know more about how to do this and how to do that in Word and also wanted a seminar for Excel.

With the promise that more seminars were to come Jennifer introduced them to a typing practice program called Stamina. A free downloadable program that can be used for several languages, even Russian that teaches users how to type properly.

Jennifer would like to thank her partner Liliana and her husband Roma who helped with the seminar. They were valuable for translating the presentations and also for assisting the staff that were learning new skills.

Blog Post written by:

Jennifer Flannery

Peace Corps Volunteer

Community Organizational Development Advisor

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