The Government of Moldova approved the Regulations and Quality Standards of “Community Home” Service

The Government of the Republic of Moldova approved the Regulations and Quality Standards of Community Home Service.

The regulations are a result of the collaboration of Keystone Moldova Association – Community for All-Moldova team and the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family and are a part of the Strategy on the Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, which includes the action plan for developing community-based services for people with disabilities.

The social service “Community Home” is a service alternative to the residential one for people with mental disabilities (psycho-neurological boarding houses and homes for children with mental disabilities).

Thus, adults and children with mental disabilities, who require protection, care and specialized ongoing support, will be placed in a community environment to prevent their institutionalization and to improve their quality of life and social inclusion.

The service will operate in a house or an apartment located in the community (town or village), so the beneficiaries have access to all resources and existing services. The home will provide a safe, accessible and comfortable family-like environment.

Two to six beneficiaries will live in each home, respecting the minimum housing space for each beneficiary and the cultural valued analogue. The beneficiaries will get 24-hour support from the home staff. The staff will also help the beneficiaries in activities to help them become more independent.

The development of the ‘Community Home” service will contribute to fulfilling the Republic of Moldova’s commitment to create an appropriate legal framework to protect the rights of persons with mental disabilities and to support social inclusion by maintaining or reintegrating them into a specialized type service.

Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association started the construction of the first Community Home for four persons in Ialoveni Rayon.

The „Community for All – Moldova” project is being implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association on the basis of a partnership established between the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child; Open Society Mental Health Initiative; Soros Foundation – Moldova; Hope and Homes for Children; and Keystone Human Services International.

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