Halloween party in Tudora

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The Unity Children and Family Center in Tudora, Moldova hosted an Autumn Party for all its present and past beneficiaries. Liliana Malancea, the Center Director and Jennifer Flannery, a Peace Corps Volunteer, along with all of the staff and children of the center, helped plan, decorate and host the party. We celebrated the change of the seasons and introduced traditional American activities that are often found at Halloween parties in America.

About ninety children came to the party: current and former beneficiaries, their friends and siblings. Some parents came and helped the Center staff organize the party.

Some of the American activities that were included were musical chairs, a costume contest, a mummy wrap contest, bobbing for apples, coloring, crafts, Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, a candy guessing game and two piñatas filled with eight kilos of candy from both America and Moldova. Besides all of this fun, the participants ate hotdogs and popcorn.

The children enjoyed the party. “I liked the hotdogs with ketchup,” said Mihai. “Also, I liked that there were many candies.”

“I am very glad I won the mummy wrap contest. I also liked the costume contest,” said Ana.

“Many of the activities I saw here can be used for birthdays or children’s day. I’ll make a piñata with my friends for my birthday and I’ll fill it with candies and other surprises,” said Diana. “I am very glad we could invite our friends to this party. I spent an extraordinary time with my friends. When we have parties at school, for example Christmas, we cannot invite our friends.”

Cerednicenco Cristina, the director of the Cultural center from Tudora, said, “It is important to organize more events of this kind because it makes the children more responsible. They learn many things from different parts of the world and learn a good model of organizing their leisure time.”

Not only did the children construct their own costumes, but they carved pumpkins, made scarecrows, constructed and painted two piñatas, colored and made homemade decorations for the party. The preparations took the entire month of October. Everyone worked very hard to make the party a success!


For privacy reasons, children’s names have been changed.

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