Self-documenting life stories of people with disabilities

During November 24th and 25th, people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities from both Romania and Moldova attended the seminar “Self-documenting life-stories of people with disabilities” in Chisinau.

The seminar was meant to help the participants develop skills of self-documentation and prepare media materials for the purpose of self-representation (self-advocacy). We used the techniques of photovoice, personal testimony, as well as some new media techniques for disseminating the developed materials. The goal of the seminar was to change the attitude of society and decision making factors towards people with disabilities.

The participants of the seminar presented video and photographic testimonies relating their different life experiences and how they have marked or changed their lives and personal opinions about the problems they face and the changes they expect.

The video footage and photos reveal the feelings, attitudes and opinions of disabled people and their families regarding the reality that surrounds them.  More specifically, they address their place in society, family, school, etc.

By documenting and presenting both their positive and negative personal experiences to the public, these children and parents will be able to promote the idea of social inclusion of people with disabilities and their right to live in community, enjoying the same rights as other citizens.

The seminar was organized by the Open Society Institute / Mental Health Initiative, in collaboration with the  “At your side” Association from Romania, and Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association – “Community for All – Moldova” project.

Below is the story of the seminar filmed by Moldova 1 TV channel (in Romanian).

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