Access to education for all children through Resource Centers for Inclusive Education

A Resource Center for Inclusive Education was launched on December 1, 2010 within the lyceum of the village Magdacesti, rayon Criuleni. The Center was created within a partnership between the local public authorities and the school administration, with the support of the “Community for All – Moldova” project.

The purpose of the Resource Center for Inclusive Education is to facilitate access to education and school inclusion for all children with special educational needs (people with physical or mental disabilities, both moderate and mild) by providing  some typical learning environments and assisting teachers, students and their parents to promote and implement inclusive education.

The multidisciplinary team (psychologist, speech therapist, nurse, deputy director in charge of the educational process, etc.) within the Resource Center will  assess the problems and necessities of children with special educational needs. The team will develop individual education plans to be implemented by the classroom teacher, and supported by other team members.

The Community for All-Moldova project is implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association, supported by the Open Society Institute / Mental Health Initiative, in partnership with the Soros Foundation Moldova and the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family. The project aims to contribute to the reform of care and social protection of people with disabilities for their social inclusion.

One of the project objectives is to support the development of 15 inclusive pilot schools in different regions of Moldova. Under this initiative, two hundred children will be supported in school inclusion. Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association will support the creation of Resource Centers for Inclusive Education in each of these schools over the next three years.

So far, 23 children with mental disabilities were integrated into educational institutions (kindergarten, school, general education, vocational school) with the support of the “Community for All – Moldova”  project.


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