The launch of the social service “Mobile Team” in the municipality of Balti

The Mobile Team social welfare service for persons with disabilities was launched on December 2, 2010 in the municipality of Balti and it will operate at city level. This service was established within the “Somato” NGO in partnership with the town hall of the Balti municipality and with the support of the “Community for All-Moldova” project, implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association.

The mobile team contributes to the early detection of disabilities in children, prevention of institutionalization, and social integration, ensuring that children and families have access to quality services.

The services provided by the mobile team are individualized and vary depending on each person’s needs. Thus, the people with disabilities can benefit from health care, social services, rehabilitation services / recovery (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy services, and psychological support), special training to stimulate the development, skills development for people with disabilities to live independently in the community, etc.

The lack of community based services that focus on children’s and families’ needs leads to isolation and placement in residential institutions. The Mobile Team is the first alternative social service that comes to support the persons with disabilities and their families in their homes and in the community.

The Balti Mobile Team is the third mobile service of this kind launched in Moldova in partnership with the local public authorities. The first two Mobile Teams were launched in Ialoveni and Hincesti rayons, and an additional Mobile Team will be launched in the near future in the city Chisinau. By 2013, with the support of the “Community for All-Moldova” project will be created nine Mobile Teams in different regions of Moldova.

The Community for All-Moldova project is implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association, supported by the Open Society Mental Health Initiative, in partnership with the Soros Foundation – Moldova and the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family.

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