Christmas fairytale

There is a saying stating that on Christmas miracles happen and fairytales become reality. But miracles can become reality only with the help and contribution of each of us. An extraordinarily beautiful thing happened on Christmas Eve to a family beneficiary of the Community for All-Moldova project thanks to some people with good hearts.

For this family, Christmas had come a few days earlier and brought to each of the eight family members a gift of one set of clothes and a present that they did not expect – a goat.

The donation was made by another family which has benefited from the Community for All-Moldova project’s support and has now decided to help those who have a more complicated financial situation. Through the shared living service, this family is providing care for a boy from the residential institution (home) for boys with mental disabilities in Orhei. People who are generous and humble by nature have chosen to help others not because they have a better financial situation, but because their heart urged them to do so and because the holidays should be a reason of joy for all people.

According to the family, besides the fact that the goat is a dairy goat and gives up to three liters of milk, it is also pregnant and will soon give birth to baby goats.  Grateful for this unexpected aid, the family will have a stable source of food for their six children and thus will be able to face the hardships they’re facing at the moment.

This beautiful gesture is a wonderful example for all of us that when we receive help from others, we need to pay it forward and continue spreading happiness.

Happy Holidays!

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