Mobile Team and Specialized Family Placement for Adults services launched

The launch of three new assistance services for people with disabilities – Mobile Team from Chisinau and the Mobile Team and Specialized Family Placement for Adults from Telenesti rayon, took place this week. These services have been developed within the framework of the regional Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection, with the support of the Community for All – Moldova Program.

These services aim for the deinstitutionalization and the prevention of institutionalization of people with disabilities, as well as their integration into their respective families and communities, ensuring access to community services, social inclusion and preparing them for an independent lifestyle.

The Mobile Teams have been active in Chisinau and Telenesti region for 4 months and is working with 15 (Chisinau) and  12 (Telenesti) children . These children live in isolated communities, and until the creation of the Mobile Teams, they  had limited access to specialized social assistance. The Mobile Team services offered to these children are personalized and vary from  person to  person. Thus, they can benefit from social assistance, medical and psychological assistance, rehabilitation and recuperation services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy), special instruction in order to stimulate personal development, development of independent communication skills, etc.

The social service, Mobile Team,  operates on the basis of the Regulations and Quality Standards created  by the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family with the support of Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association (Keystone Moldova) and approved by the Government this year.

The Specialized Family Placement Service is a pilot program, implemented for the first time in the Republic of Moldova. In this program, an adult who has a sensory, intellectual or physical disability and cannot live independently or with his biological family joins another family within the community.  The first  adult to use this service  left the  Home for Children (boys) with Mental Disabilities in Orhei and was placed in a family in Telenesti. This person had  spent 24 years in various institutions. Currently, he is benefitting from care and support with a host   family , with good living conditions and an adequate education, in terms of independent living skills and his integration into the community. The gentleman  has lived with this family for two months, and he has  become an active member of the family, joining in with the day to day chores.

The Community For All – Moldova Program is implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, with the financial support of the Open Society Mental Health Initiative and the Soros Foundation – Moldova, with the scope of contributing to the reform of the system of care and social protection of people with disabilities in terms of their social inclusion. Five hundred and forty children and young people with intellectual and physical disabilities are currently benefitting from the program.

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