A new collaboration agreement regarding the reform of the system of social protection of persons with disabilities has been signed in Chisinau

16.12.2011 The Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, together with the Open Society Mental Health Initiative (OSMHI), Soros Foundation-Moldova (SFM), Keystone Human Services International USA (KHSI) and  Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association (KHSIMA) have signed a new Collaboration Agreement  in Chisinau for the period of 2012-2016.

By signing this Agreement, all partners are required to collaborate to fulfill the Action Plan, launched by the Moldovan Government, regarding the reform of the residential care system and the social protection and inclusion of persons (adults and children) with disabilities.

In this context, the MLSPF, KHSIMA, and KHSI, with the support of the OSMHI and SFM, will continue to implement the “Community for All   – Moldova” Program, which is focused on the deinstitutionalization and community integration of children and adults from the Home for children (boys) with mental disabilities in Orhei, as well as the prevention of further institutionalizations.

The collaboration agreement sets the direction of activity and obligations assumed by the signees, with regard to the reform of the residential system of care for persons with disabilities. Therefore, the MLSPF has taken it upon itself to continue promoting the politics of social inclusion and the prevention of institutionalization, as well as the deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities, and to develop a legislative-normative framework for the regulation of the new community placement services for these persons. Additionally, the MLSPF will propose the allocation of financial resources from the state budget necessary to support the social services developed on the basis of this Agreement, as well as other necessary community-based services to support people with disabilities . This allocation of resources will be regulated at the national level through the Mid Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) planning process.

The Program Partners have committed to support the “Community for All – Moldova” Program in the development of social services for persons with mental disabilities in the community (Supported Living, Community Home, Specialized Family Placement, Professional Parental Assistance, etc.), as well as to provide technical assistance and expertise to the MLSPF for the development of the legal legislative-normative framework for the systemic reform of social protection of persons with disabilities, including the regulation of the community based services for people with disabilities. The Partners also will contribute to strengthening the capacities of the MLSPF staff involved in the system reform of social protection of persons with disabilities.

The reform of the residential care system and social protection of persons (adults and children) with disabilities is included under the umbrella of the adaptation of the social protection domain within the EU standards and corresponds to provisions set by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

In this context, it should be remembered that, on December 6th of this year, the Government of the Republic of Moldova approved the legislation regarding the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, developed by the MLSPF, with the technical support of KHSIMA, within the framework of the “Community for All – Moldova” Program. This new legislation  replaces the law regarding the social protection of people with handicaps, which no longer corresponded to current needs, and provides the necessary measures for the reform of the system of social assistance, in order to facilitate the social inclusion of persons with disabilities. The legislation is waiting for passage by Parliament, at which point it will take effect.

540 children with intellectual and physical disabilities are currently benefitting from the Communit for All-Moldova Program.

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