Santa Claus Exists! Even you can be Santa Claus!

Holiday season represents one of the most anticipated moments of the year, being a reason for joy for all, including the beneficiaries of Center “Vis,” from Bacioi, which took part in an extraordinary celebration that included caroling, poetry, seasons greetings, and even Santa Claus.  The children’s wishes were brought to life by even more adolescents and teenagers who brought each one a star for every dream and a snowflake for every occasion of Christmas joy.

The high-schoolers from Bacioi were the first to start a food and clothing drive for a family.  The drive was called Santa Claus’ bag.

Hearing about the activities of Center “Vis,” students from the University of Medicine in Chisinau collected clothes, food, and toys for a family, who have two children with disabilities, creating a true holiday for their children.

The high-schoolers from the 11th and 12th forms of the high schools Nicolae Iorga and MIhai Eminescu respectively did not remain indifferent.  They also collected food, toys and clothes for other two families.

Through this, the high-schoolers demonstrated initiative by organizing a variety of pleasant surprises and donations of toys for the children.

On Christmas, with the magic of caroling passed down through our forefathers, the children of Center “Vis” went to the mayor’s hall and social assistants of Bacioi, as well as the mayor’s office of Chisinau to give them Christmas wishes and to sing Christmas carols.  On their part, they rewarded the children with candy.  The children also had the possibility to speak with the mayor of Chisianu and wish him well!

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