Together for Active Citizenship

“Never doubt the fact that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Two trained facilitators, in partnership with Peace Corps Moldova’s Active Civic Education group, trained twelve Moldovan coaches, each partnered with a Peace Corps volunteer working in their individual villages from different regions of Moldova, in the methodology of the Public Achievement (PA) program. The training lasted for three days and was funded  by the US Department of State and coordinated with AO Keystone Human Services International Moldova.

These three days were successful. Throughout the training, the participants learned about the PA program, its mission, and its goals. PA offers teenagers in Moldova the possibility to learn both practical and theoretical  skills and abilities to create and implement their own projects in order to solve a problem the teenagers identified. In addition to their role as citizens, the teenagers accept the responsibilities and possibilities to actively contribute and develop community life.  They will become active citizens, searching for both ideas and resources to solve problems.

After finishing the training, the twelve coaches will go to their communities to form and instruct a team of teenagers to identify and resolve a problem they confront in their community.  This way they will try to change their communities and their own lives for the better.

It is said that teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders.  PA supports and affirms that teenagers play an important role today.

Here are the prevailing conclusions from the seminar’s participants:

“Throughout the seminar, I learned step-by-step how to form and direct a group involved in civic initiatives, and techniques for working with teenagers”

“We’re filled with emotions because we will detail our activities on the internet, whether they be praised or criticized by readers.  What’s more, we will have a special responsibility in the eyes of our fellow community members.”

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