Celebrating the Regulation to Reform the System of Care for People with Disabilities

When we learned that the Government of Moldova approved the Regulation on the Redirection of Funds for people with disabilities, we celebrated because it was such wonderful news. This new regulation, HG351, will redirect financial resources from residential institutions to community-based services, which will have a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities as they move out of residential institutions and join their communities.

Our team at Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association contributed to the development of the Regulation on the Redirection of Funds. For the past several years, we have been providing support to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family to develop this regulation. We are very happy to see Moldova take this historic step toward inclusion for people with disabilities.

Regulation HG351 follows a multitude of other Regulations and Quality Standards that have been recently approved by the Government of Moldova, including the Regulations and Quality Standards for Community Homes, Mobile Team Service, Supported Living and Respite. We have been working with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family through the Community for All-Moldova Program to get approval for these services so that individuals with disabilities can receive support within their communities. The government’s approval of these regulations will safeguard their longevity.

Since 2008, we have been implementing the Community for All-Moldova Program, with funding from the Soros Foundation and Open Society Mental Health Initiative, with the goal of creating a new paradigm for the care and support of people with disabilities. Several young men have been supported to leave the institution at Orhei and move into the community, and their lives have significantly changed.

Some boys, like Sergiu, were taken home by foster families, where they were given the joy of being a child, a son, a brother, a grandchild and a pupil.

Watch Happy to Have a Family, a video of Sergiu and his foster family.

See more stories of individuals who are living new lives in their communities.

Congratulations to everyone involved in developing the Regulation on the Redirection of Funds. We are excited to continue seeing good things happen in the lives of people with disabilities and the community.

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