Respite Service launched in Orhei district

A new social service for persons with disabilities – Respite – was launched in the district of Orhei on December 5, 2012. The service is located in the village of Peresecina, Orhei and was established within the district Directorate for Social Assistance and Family Protection with the support of Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association as part of its Community for All – Moldova program.IMG_2304

The Respite service offers support to parents, relatives or other persons caring for children and adults with severe disabilities with a view to preventing their placement in residential care. Although most people do not consider it a burden to care for and support their loved ones, it is often hard for them to cope with the physical, financial and emotional pressure. The Respite service temporarily takes over the function of sustaining persons with severe disabilities, offering their families or carers a period of rest. A family can benefit from the service for up to 30 days a year.

People placed in the service are accommodated and provided food, care and other necessary services according to their individual needs (social assistance, educational psychological counseling, health care, etc.). The service can host up to 4 people at a time. Parents and carers of the persons placed in the service can also receive psychological and social counseling and support in overcoming crisis situations. The Respite service is free; therefore, the beneficiaries and their families are spared of any respective costs.

People who wish to benefit from the service need to file an application and a set of necessary documents with the community social assistant (who can provide the list of such required documents) or the district Directorate/Department for Social Assistance and Family Protection.

Seventeen families from the district of Orhei have already benefited from the Respite service. Many of these families have applied for the service again, which speaks for its quality and efficiency. At the same time, unlike other existing human services, Respite implies much lower costs.SAM_0447

The Respite service operates under its Framework Regulation and minimum Quality Standards developed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF) with the support of Keystone Moldova and approved by Government Decision No. 413 of 14.06.2012. Keystone Moldova cooperates with MLSPF, supporting and promoting the Respite social service in all districts of Moldova.

Keystone Moldova helps reform the social protection and care system for persons with disabilities to ensure their social inclusion by means of its Community for All – Moldova program which is implemented jointly with MLSPF, with the financial support of Open Society Foundations/ Mental Health Initiative and Soros Foundation -Moldova.

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