With Helping Hand Moldova, dreams can come true

Traditionally, Helping Hand Moldova provides donations for the beneficiaries of the Community for All – Moldova Program implemented by Keystone Moldova. Persons with disabilities, their families and inhabitants of Community Homes and Supported Living Services created with Keystone Moldova support are getting gifts for the third year in a row.

This year’s donation includes useful goods that were chosen according to beneficiaries’ needs: computers, wheelchairs, clothes and footwear for children or adults, as well as toys, fabric and materials for handicrafts. The goods will be distributed among about 20 families and 5 Community Homes and Supported Living Services.

Henk van Veldhoven, President of the Foundation, and Elly Spiekerman, its Secretary, visited the families and services to see what else the individuals with disabilities needed and how they had used last year’s donations. The visits turned into a string of surprises for both Keystone beneficiaries and the Helping Hand Moldova delegates.

The first visit was made to a family where two children with disabilities live. Last year, Helping Hand Moldova gave them a horizontal wheelchair, clothing, footwear and an electric sewing machine and was glad to see their gifts proved very useful to the family, especially the sewing machine which is also a source of income. A daughter of the family, who uses a wheelchair, pleased the Helping Hand representatives, saying she helps her mother when she sews, holding the fabric.

The second visit was to the Community Home of Hansca, Ialoveni. In June 2012, when several boys were taken from the Home for children with mental disabilities of Orhei and placed in the service, they found a gift left for them by Helping Hand Moldova – a computer, which gave them much joy. Two of them have already learned to use it and love playing on it.

Then followed the Supported Living Service in Orhei, which received a mini grant from Helping Hand last year. This time the Foundation’s representatives were pleasantly surprised to learn it had been used efficiently. Last year the boys only had one rabbit and a single cage; now they have 13 rabbits and managed to make more cages for them. The grant also allowed them to do some socializing activities: going fishing, to a pizza shop, to a movie etc. Henk van Veldhoven and Elly Spiekerman concluded the boys had changed a lot for the better: “We see here different people than we did last year”.

Helping Hand representatives were very receptive to the boys’ wishes. This year they gave them a set of tools that the boys wanted very much and that will certainly prove useful in the household. Thus, besides offering material aid, Helping Hand also helps make many people’s wishes come true.

“I wish I was no longer dependent on others and could move on my own”, imparted a beneficiary of the Community Home in Mitoc, Orhei last year. This year, the boy was in for a great surprise when people from Helping Hand came in with an electric wheelchair. At first he was speechless; then he exclaimed: “Now I can go anywhere I want and I don’t have to ask others for help!I have never thought dreams could come true”, he added with a bright gaze.

The aid provided by Helping Hand Moldova is gathered in Netherlands through various ways: fundraising events organized by the Foundation, private donations and donations by other organizations and Dutch communities. With a team of volunteers involving families, friends and relatives in its activity, the Foundation intends to provide support and material assistance related to the educational and social systems of Moldova.

Keystone Moldova helps reform the social protection and care system for persons with disabilities to ensure their social inclusion by means of the Community for All – Moldova Program which is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family with the financial support of Open Society Mental Health Initiative and Soros Foundation – Moldova.

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