Helping Hand Moldova helps families of persons with disabilities start businesses

Busy as a bee, Efimia, a lady from the village of Ciocilteni, Orhei manages to keep a cow, a goat, a pig and different fowl, all by herself. Above that, she is bringing up a boy with an intellectual disability who has returned home from the Boarding house for children (boys) with intellectual difficulties of Orhei. With a large household and about 2 ha of land, she is still often short of money because of too small of a benefit and lack of a steady job.


Because she has a family to maintain but no job, Efimia started to look for an additional source of income. Thus, last year Keystone Moldova donated an incubator for 50 chicken eggs to her. She incubated two lots of goose eggs instead. “I hatched 58 goslings. When they were grown, I butchered them and cured the meat in jars”, she says. “In the future, I’m planning to sell goslings and geese to earn some money. We don’t have a market here in our village, so I’ll go to Orhei to sell them.”

This year, with the support of Helping Hand Moldova, Efimia has a chance to develop her initiative into a small business. The foundation gave her a small grant she used to buy the necessary equipment: an incubator for 162 eggs, a power generator (for cases of power outages that can happen for various reasons) and a mill to make maize grits for chickens or goslings.

Now Efimia has big plans for spring/summer period: “It is going to be much better with the new incubator – it has a bigger capacity and is more sophisticated than the first one. I want to hatch about three lots of goose eggs”. She says she is going to involve her son Vlad who helps her around the house in developing her little business.

It is not the first time Helping Hand Moldova has supported Keystone Moldova’s beneficiaries. For three years in a row, beneficiaries and services developed by Keystone have received  surprises from Helping Hand. Last fall the foundation donated many useful things that were chosen based on beneficiaries’ needs: computers, wheelchairs, clothes and footwear for children and adults; toys, fabrics and materials for handicraft. The goods were distributed among approximately 20  families and 5 Community Homes and Supported Living services.NSG120129_0139

Besides material aid, the foundation also provided 3 small grants of EUR 2,000 each to help three beneficiaries of Keystone Moldova and their families start a small business. The grants were used to buy equipment for a family of Ciocilteni, Orhei, a mini tractor for a family of Talmaza, Stefan Voda, and shoemaking equipment for two young people with intellectual disabilities who were deinstitutionalized from the Boarding house for children (boys) with intellectual difficulties of Orhei and will live in a Supported Living service in the village of Oxentea, Dubasari.

The donations offered by Helping Hand Moldova are collected in the Netherlands in various ways: during fund-raising events organized by the foundation, with individual donations and with donations made by other Dutch organizations and communities. With its big team of volunteers including families, friends and relatives, the foundation wishes to provide support and material assistance in the education and social field in Moldova.

Keystone Moldova helps reform the social security and care system for persons with disabilities to ensure their social inclusion by means of the Community for All – Moldova program. The program is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, with the financial support of Open Society Foundations / Mental Health Initiative and Soros Foundation Moldova.

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