Arcadie Zaraischi celebrated his 35th birthday

We have not been able to overlook the 1st of December, which among other things, has a special significance for a person we care about – Arcadie Zaraischi – and decided to make a surprise. Together with the four boys from the Orhei Supported Living, we traveled to Oxentea village, Dubasari rayon, where Arcadie lives.

”This is the most beautiful day of my life. My birthday has come. I helped to prepare the meals, I went shopping. Together, we will open the bottle of champagne and will eat the cake. I am so happy”, said Arcadie, when he saw us.

Once everyone had arrived, the celebration began. Champagne splashes hurried into guests ‘glasses, who were waiting to wish a “Happy Birthday!” to Arcadie. The phone was constantly ringing: friends, acquaintances, colleagues wanted to congratulate him. Everyone revolved around him, living difficult- to-render positive emotions.

We joked, we rejoiced, we had a good time, the environment became animated and cheerful. But, as in the case of any good thing, the time came for the party to end. Before we parted, we agreed to go all together to another birthday in Calarasi.

Ina Crasnojon-Laba, specialist in behavioral psychology, Keystone Moldova

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