“Know me, Respect me, Support me!”

campania_logo_text_josEvery person with disabilities has abilities that deserve to be promoted. It is because of pity, indifference and ignorance that their abilities remain unknown. Persons with disabilities need respect and support to assert themselves as full members of society.

In order to raise awareness within society regarding persons with disabilities, Keystone Moldova has launched the social media campaign: “Know me, Respect me, Support me!”.  During the campaign, personal stories of persons with disabilities told in storytelling methodology; photos of persons with disabilities who left the institutions and now live in the community, with a short text about them; success stories; photo reportages; photos from the PhotoVoice exhibition ‘”World, the way I see it”; and short films will be published online. In ten small villages movie nights will be organized, where movies about disability and persons with disabilities, along with the films edited by Keystone Moldova, will be shown. An outdoor PhotoVoice exhibition is also planned to take place in Chisinau.

The campaign was launched within the project “Media and communication for an inclusive society”, implemented by Keystone Moldova, with financial support of Open Society Foundations/Health Media Initiative and Soros-Moldova Foundation.

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